Attach Anything to Everything


The LNK is a patent pending quick-release connector composed of two identical halves. Designed and machined with minimal tolerances, every LNK is hand assembled, adjusted and inspected to ensure smooth connectivity, operation and a solid fit.

Customers in Europe

The LNK is now available at Enjoy fast shipping and avoid the importation fees with the LNK ready to ship from their European warehouses!

  • Two Identical Halves

    ​​​The LNK solves a common problem that standard film industry connectors struggle with: male and female "gendered" halves.

    Need three female connectors on your camera to provide options for the position of the operator's monitor but only one male for the monitor's Noga arm? With standard connectors, you would need to purchase three sets to provide the needed three female halves, while the two unused male halves get lost in an AKS at the back of the truck.

    With the LNK you would only need two sets. Three of the halves go on the camera body and the remaining LNK on the Noga. Connect any LNK to any LNK.

  • All the versatility you need

    Each half of the LNK system offers a through-hole and threaded-hole for both 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 with the hardware provided. Ever try to attach a transmitter with a threaded-hole to a monitor that only has threaded-holes? Industry standard connectors struggle with that. Since LNKs have through-holes, connecting two threaded-holes is a cinch.

    Every kit also comes with two 3/8 to 1/4-20 step-downs giving each LNK all the versatility required for use on set.

  • Many anti-twist options

    Twisting quick releases have long been a problem of standard film industry connectors. However, the LNK comes with three native anti-twist solutions.

    The 8-32 hole directly next to the 3/8 tapped hole of the LNK is for the included 8-32 set screws. This system is ideal for use with Noga arms where they can be tightened after threading the LNK onto the threaded noga to bind and lock the LNK into place.

    The two small threaded holes flanking the large through-hole are for the included M1.6 screws. The small holes are set at ARRI anti-twist spacing and the 3mm heads of the screws acts as removable anti-twist pins.

    The 3/8 threaded hole on the LNK is flanked by two female ARRI anti-twist holes for use with male anti-twist accessories.