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SHD-AT SmallHD Anti-twist

SHD-AT SmallHD Anti-twist

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The LNKcine SHD-AT is a SmallHD Anti-twist step-down for the LNK. It uses the ARRI anti-twist spacing M1.6 threads on the underside of the LNK to affix the SHD-AT and LNK together. The SHD-AT is fully compatible with old pattern (2 ARRI anti-twist spaced threads on the underside) and new pattern LNKs (4 ARRI anti-twist spaced threads on the underside). Old and new pattern LNKs can utilize the SHD-AT with both 90⁰ and 180⁰ pin orientation.


1x SHD-AT Anti-twist Attachment

1x 1/4-20 low-profile camera screw
2x M1.6 screws for mounting


Per SHD-AT without screws/hardware: 2g


Diameter:     21mm
Total height including pins:      4.5mm
pin height:      2mm


Black anodized aluminum

Ships from Vancouver, Canada


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